Back in the Studio


Jesse came over tonight and we got a chance to jam on guitars. With some very mild inspiration from a cell phone recording  Justine recorded of me a few weeks again, we mapped out most of a new song and got scratch guitars recorded.

When trying to record the bass, technical difficulties forced us to end the session. Hopefully these will be remedied soon and things can get rolling again.

JWolffRecording January is right around the corner


JWolffRecording will return in the middle of January. We have Winter Hours at Tanger Outlets Washington that will give the never-before experienced “retail 9 to 5.”
(It’s not ACTUALLY 9 to 5, but it’s damn close)

And now for a sad unrelated news break:

Michael Schumacher in Critical Condition After Ski Accident

We’ve Moved! To Pittsburgh!!


I apologize for the lack of communications over the past 3 months. Life has involved some pretty serious changes.

Since I’ve last posted, I’ve been promoted to Assistant Store Manger of the Bose Factory Store in Washington, PA. As a result, the Wolff Pack has moved to Pittsburgh! We’ve resettled successfully and are getting accustomed to our new environment.

Anyone in the Pittsburgh area, we’re looking to make friends both musically and otherwise. Here’s to a great new adventure